Fighting Property Taxes

Governor Abbott knows what J.D. and every Texan knows—property taxes are too high. The Governor has endorsed J.D. for reelection because he knows J.D. will help get the property tax relief rural Texans need. Last session, J.D. coauthored and passed the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019 to give property owners additional tools to fight tax hikes and protest their appraised values.


J.D. has been an advocate for taxpayers and is currently helping the people in our district protest their appraisal values, which are likely too high due to the impacts of COVID-19 on property values.

Advocating for Rural Public Education

J.D. Sheffield is a leading advocate for our rural schools. As big-city legislators attempt to use redistricting to silence the voices of rural communities, we need someone with J.D.’s experience to keep fighting for our schools in the Texas Legislature. What works in Dallas won’t necessarily work in our rural communities and J.D. fights to make sure our schools aren’t forced to fit the mold of urban districts.


J.D. has always felt that it was the right thing to support our local schools, long before he ever ran for office. J.D. has worked to ensure that our rural schools have a voice in Austin and get the funding they need. In 2019, Texas passed HB 3, the transformational school finance legislation, and J.D. guaranteed that our schools got their fair share. With urban school districts competing for the same dollars, J.D. has refused to back down, fighting for the resources our students, teachers, schools, and communities deserve.

Caring for Our Community Through COVID-19

During the coronavirus outbreak, J.D. not only worked hard to treat sick families at his clinic, he reached out to his entire district to provide help with personal protective equipment, unemployment benefits, groceries, and small business loans. As a rural doctor of 25+ years and the Coryell Medical Authority, J.D. has a passion for seeing our families healthy and thriving in all areas of life.


J.D. has also used his expertise to advise the Governor on how we can fully reopen Texas while at the same time protecting those most at risk from COVID-19.


Here in our district, J.D. has teamed up with Governor Abbott to address the health concerns of COVID-19 within our rural communities, especially in local correctional facilities. J.D. has advised the Governor as the Coryell Medical Authority on how best to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19 within our district’s correctional facilities, protecting employees and other residents in the county.

100% Pro-Life

As a physician, J.D. took an oath to protect life long before he ran for office and it’s an oath he takes very seriously. J.D. has a profound, personal value for all human life as a Christian and as a doctor.


Last session, he proudly passed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (HB 16) to ensure that babies who survive attempted abortions are legally entitled to medical care. He is endorsed by the state’s top pro-life advocacy organizations, including Texas Alliance for Life and Texans for Life.

Fighting for the Second Amendment

“A” rated by the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association, J.D. firmly believes in the God-given right to defend yourself, your property, and your family. J.D. passed Open Carry and supports Constitutional Carry to give every law-abiding Texan the guaranteed right to own firearms.

Strengthening Rural Hospitals

J.D. Sheffield has spent his career as a doctor in our rural communities. He knows firsthand the needs and challenges facing our local hospitals and healthcare professionals.


In the Texas legislature, J.D. has been a champion for our rural healthcare infrastructure. He knows that the free market, not socialism, is the answer to bring low-cost, high-quality medical solutions to rural Texas.

Toughening Border Security

A strong border is vital to keeping our families safe and maintaining the sovereignty of Texas and America itself. J.D. knows this and has added over $1.6 billion in border security funding during his time as State Representative. He supported Governor Abbott sending an additional 1,000 troopers to the border last session and supports President Trump’s efforts to end the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking from the south.

Defending Private Property

With urban legislators outnumbering rural legislators 3:1, urban legislators have proven again and again that they have no problem with condemning land, taxing locally produced oil and gas, and siphoning our natural resources to serve their big city voters. J.D. is a fourth generation rural Texan. He knows firsthand the importance of protecting our rural communities and has fought every time to keep our water rights, land rights, and all private property rights safe from the overreach of urban interests.

Passed a Conservative, Balanced Budget

It’s commonsense—no one should spend above their means. As a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee and Vice Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Article II, J.D. has been a voice for taxpayers and rural communities, making sure that the state remains within its budget while ensuring our rural communities get the support from the state we need.


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