BREAKING: Slawson Tried to Hide Anti-Public Education Law Paper During Campaign

Everyone knows private school vouchers are bad for rural public schools. Vouchers remove dollars from our kids' classrooms to give to private schools - which heavily favor big cities and their suburbs.

Our rural public schools are the bedrock of our community. They are not only vital places of learning, they are our largest local employers - helping countless families, generations even, earn a living while helping shape our kids into the future leaders who will keep our community strong. 

Until recently, if you googled Mrs. Slawson's stance on public education, what popped up was a law paper she wrote called "Changing American Schools" - but the link to the paper had been removed. You could not access it or read it.

Fortunately, days ago, one of our local public education champions found the full text of Mrs. Slawson's legal paper. 

It is now clear why Mrs. Slawson tried to hide the paper during her campaign. It is a pro-voucher paper.  

You can read it yourself at the link, but in her conclusion Mrs. Slawson wrote:

"Decades of experimentation with school choice as a mechanism for educational reform demonstrate the movement's longevity and fortitude. However, even conceding that the time for true exploration of voucher programs has arrived, where is the Establishment Clause line now? If vouchers to be used at private, secular institutions are permissible in the framework of failing public schools, what precludes their permissibility
in general?" 

She also concludes that vouchers "likely will also prove to be as large an innovative force as predicted by its presenting scholars."

This is another example of Mrs. Slawson telling people what they want to hear to get their vote - while her campaign is being directed by DFW legislator Pat Fallon and funded by Empower Texans' donors and allies.

This is not fair to rural conservatives, especially our students. They deserve just as much as the students in big cities and we've got to take every step to protect our rural public schools.

Read the full paper below.


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